"Farm Alone" – Game Design

This was my first game design experience, and I loved every part of the process. I was able to challenge myself with a new type of coding language in Visual Studio, as well as working with Unity for the first time. We were given one semester to make a slice of a simple game, and I chose to make a basic farming game/RPG. Here is the asset pack I used! The biggest challenge was the automatic growing of crops. It took a lot of work and with the help of a few outside experts, I was able to get the code running smoothly. When I first started the project, I had no idea that I would have this much fun and interest with it. Game design is a skill that I am proud to have gained (even at an amateur level), and I look forward to how I can implement it in future projects. PS: I forgot to give the main character clothes.

Programs Used: Unity Visual Studio

Date Completed: 2020/12/11

Farm House
Crops Growing
Crops Fully Grown
Harvested Crops
Flower Field
Fence Line