Dematic – 3D Animation & Modelling

This was a truly unforgettable opportunity. My time as an intern at the CTLI was truly special, I worked on so many exciting things but this one project stood out from the rest. The team at Dematic was looking for a 3D environment to use as a virtual field trip, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. My co-worker Spencer Nelson and I took it upon ourselves to tackle this huge project. You could say that it was maybe a bit out of our league, but we pushed through and overcame the challenges! There were lots of little tasks to get done in many different areas including: 3D modelling, animation, texturing, lighting, and graphic design. We were on a tight deadline, so we needed to work efficiently and effectively to make sure the whole list of tasks got completed! It was great to have Tyler Heaton as our mentor for the project, we probably would have fallen apart without his guidance.

Spencer was in charge of all the modelling in the scenes shown in my previews below. My main role was animating those pieces to bring them to life. This project pushed my animation knowledge to the limit, and I learned so much through that.

Programs Used: Blender Unity

Date Completed: 2021/04/04